Helpful Tips and Answers to Your Questions:

  • Do not get the garments (yarn or metal) wet
  • Store the metal garments in a plastic air tight garment bag or plastic bin away from sunlight
  • Dry clean only (yarn garments)
  •  For certain styles, the metal garments hems may change over time and chain may “drip” a little here and there – this is the organic nature of a chain garment that stretches in 4 directions. While most clients like the fringe effect, we are happy to adjust the hem if you would like (removing any drips). If you are custom ordering, we can also create a crochet hem or doubled hem which avoids this. Please contact us.
  • For metal garments: The main metal is electroplated copper (electroplated with a metallic layer of color and a clear coat to protect the color). The jump rings, tags, and other small components are made from 14K gold fill or sterling silver. Please treat our garments as you would any costume jewelry – taking care to avoid chemicals or cleaners that might strip the color off the chain.
  • We repeat: Do not get the copper garments wet. This means avoid ocean water, pool water, and sweat. We have worked hard to develop plating techniques that are resistant to discoloration, but it’s best not to test the limits.
  • Need more help with care instructions? Email us and we will get back to you ASAP.



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