After 31 years of living in the USA, Natalia Fedner – now an American citizen- was welcomed back to her native Ukraine with open arms. She hadn’t been back to her homeland since she left in the summer of 1988 as a refugee with her parents. After learning about the celebrity designer’s humble roots in Chernivtsi, Ukraine – Intergal Bud, a real estate development company based in Kyiv – reached out to Natalia to see if she would be interested in coming to Kyiv to celebrate her design success in the country of her birth. Natalia agreed upon one condition – she asked to bring her parents with her. It was an absolutely magical experience. Ukraine’s top press was invited out for the private fashion show- landing Natalia and her parents on the nightly news. An awe-inspiring, roof-top photoshoot was organized, involving 6 makeup and hair artists, 3 photographers, 12 models, and of course a drone. After the fashion show, Natalia was interviewed in front of the guests by L’Officiel Ukraine’s Ulyana Boyko. Natalia also met with local designers and discussed ways in which they could grow their businesses in an international marketplace.