Kylie Jenner wore a custom Natalia Fedner knit bikini for her latest Kylie Skin shoot. Made from 100% silk chiffon ribbons, the baby pink crop top bikini set takes “hand-made” to the next level. The silk starts out as a roll of dead-stock fabric (fabric left over at the end of the season by fashion houses). Fedner then upcycles the fabric by cutting it into 1/2″ ribbons, spooling them into yarn cakes, and finally knitting with them. This makes for a sustainable and environmentally friendly process which also honors Fedner’s vegan principles of not using any new animal products. Kylie’s look was originally knit in white. Before hand seaming, the individual pieces were hand-dyed to “Kylie Pink”.  The last steps are steaming the individual knit pieces to shape/size and hand seaming using haute couture principles and attention to detail. Fashion direction and styling by Alexandra and Mackenzie Grandquist.

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