Well, we’re back up and running thanks to a server upgrade to handle all the additional traffic that Cardi B sent our way! We could not have been more pleased to have our website crash thanks to Cardi B crediting us in her caption for her Morticia Addams Halloween instagram post! It was a wonderful right of passage – and we are very grateful!  

Cardi B perfectly channeled a modern Morticia Addams wearing a custom look by Natalia Fedner. The look consisted of a Black Chain Resin Molded Corset  made from Natalia Fedner’s patented textile and then molded to create a perfect hourglass shape, Black Chain Spiderweb Dress with 8 “tentacles” to mimic the famous Morticia Addams dress, Black Chain Thong, and a Black Chain Spiderweb Shrug.

The look took non-stop work for 7 days to create. The corset takes 48 hours of dry time and involves dipping Natalia’s patented textile into a special resin mix. She then uses a mannequin torso (which has been primed for the resin process using wax) as a mold. After 24 hours she pulls the corset from the mold. She then lets it dry for another 24 hours to complete the hardening process. Last step is removing the “scaffolding structure”, trimming any extra resin strands, and adding the satin corset lacing. The dress is made using the 6-way stretch metal technique Natalia Fedner invented and patented. For Cardi, she used the “spiderweb” version of her technique to give the look an extra Halloween twist. All pieces were made to fit Cardi B’s exact dimensions like a second skin. The art direction for the look came from Cardi B’s stylist, Kollin Carter.  Photography by Jora Frantzis.